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Veterans Need YOU: Learn How to Give Back

Veterans Need YOU: Learn How to Give Back

No matter your circumstances, there’s something you can do!

Veterans sacrifice a lot for us. They leave their families for months at a time to selflessly defend the cause of freedom around the world. U.S. Veterans Magazine points out that many veterans face difficult challenges upon returning home from deployment or transitioning to a normal civilian lifestyle.

It can be hard to find meaningful ways of expressing our gratitude to these heroes. Family life coach Mary K. Aleckson has put together a list of the best ways that you can give back to veterans. No matter your circumstances, there’s something you can do!

Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are a big part of veterans’ lives. Military working dogs are superheroes saving lives every day on the front lines. Service dogs provide companionship to wounded veterans in hospitals. Even in retirement, these brave dogs continue to impact the lives of veterans. That’s why they deserve our support, too! There are even grants that connect veterans and their canine companions.

The next time you need to pick up treats for your pet, consider shopping at Petco. The Petco Foundation’s Helping Heroes campaign awards grants to organizations that provide service and therapy animals to veterans. Just ask your cashier for details or visit their website.

Make Homeownership Easier

Homeownership is a cornerstone of the American dream. Unfortunately, it can also be prohibitively expensive for some of America’s heroes. However, buying a home can be made easier for vets with certain programs tailored specifically for them, like the VA home loan. There is no down payment or expensive Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) required. Moreover, veterans enjoy low interest rates, limited closing costs. Explore eligibility for your veteran and find out how to apply.

Simplify Transition to the Workforce

For many vets, joining the civilian workforce can be a hardship. They’re either simply not used to how things are done outside of the military or don’t have the skills, competencies, and work experience to thrive. This is a real shame as veterans are some of the most dedicated workers one can find.

If you know a vet who is struggling to pursue a civilian career, point them toward continuing education options. Benefits, like the GI Bill, make it possible for vets to pursue a world-class education so this transition can be a great time for them to pursue a bachelor’s or even master’s degree of their choosing. An online curriculum makes it even easier to do so with the flexibility it affords for those who want to learn (and even integrate into society) at their own pace.

If you happen to own a business, consider making it a priority to hire veterans to join your staff. Veterans can bring their unique skills in problem-solving, adaptability and loyalty, and you can benefit from a dedicated worker. It’s a win-win.


There are myriad ways to benefit the veterans in your life, or even in general. Consider the tips above to do your part in honoring their service and commitment to our country.

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