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Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

"The in-person meeting and telephone follow-up    I had with Mary Aleckson were incredibly useful. Mary’s gentle wisdom helped me discover new angles on a few challenges I had in my life and job. I felt as if Mary helped me “re-discover” myself. It was as if we went into my attic and found really good stuff that I had forgotten about but loved. Meeting with Mary energized me."
~ Chris, Madison, WI

"Life coaching with Mary gave me huge mental relief on an issue I had been thinking about for years. She truly allowed me to express my feelings and guided me to find my own solution to my problem without me even realizing it. The conclusion of our session made me feel fulfilled and confident."
~ Devan, Madison, WI

"Mary offered career coaching and guidance to me while I was looking for a new job. She helped me recognize my skills and set focused goals monthly. Through Mary's coaching, she provided ways to explore and develop new ideas. The coaching sessions were always positive and motivating."
~ Rebecca, Green Bay, WI

"Mary helped me develop more self-awareness that allowed me to tackle what I felt were re-occurring issues in my life. I always felt a sense of relief after each session. Mary is a kind-hearted and supportive coach who is a joy to work with!"
~ Ashlyn, Minneapolis, MN